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Rare Big Talking 'Buzz Lightyear Galactic' Space Ranger Disney Pixar Toy

Brand: Toy Story
Condition: Used
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Adorable    Rare Big Talking 'Buzzlightyear Galctic Space Ranger' Disney Pixar Toy 
Preloved:   Lovely Condition 
Stands:      11 inches Tall

A delightful Rare Big Talking Buzzlightyear Galactic Space Ranger Toy from the popular Disney Pixar movie 'Toy Story'. Stands 11 inches Tall. A big Galactic Talking Buzz eith sound effects just like in the Toy Story movie. Disney Pixar 2001. He is complete with his mission jet pack with shooting missile which when pressed fires out. Press the laser on his arm it then lights up and Buzz says firing laser and makes laser sounds and effects just like in the Disney movie. Press the three buttons on his front and he will say many phrases. I am Buzz Lightyear, adventure is my middle name, this is an interactive emergency I need to access my backpack, How dare you open a spaceman's helmet on an uncharted planet, targeting visor check and much more. Just perfect for a little one who adores Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story.

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